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Minting of Gold Sovereigns
Since 1871, British sovereigns were struck at branch mints, in addition to the Royal Mint in London. The first branch mint to strike sovereigns was Sydney in Australia in 1871. In 1872, the Melbourne mint started minting and struck gold sovereigns between 1872 and 1931. The Perth, Australia mint started production of sovereigns in 1899, and the Ottawa mint in Canada started in 1908. The Bombay mint in India struck sovereigns in just one year, 1918, and the Pretoria mint in South Africa started production in 1923.

MintMarks on Sovereigns

Mint : London (U.K) Royal Mint
Mint Mark : None
Years Minted : 1817–1917, 1925, 1957 onwards

Mint : Sydney (Australia)

Mint Mark : S

Years Minted : 1871–1926

S on Shield Design (Reverse)

S above Date : Saint George (Reverse)

S below Potrait (Obverse)

Mint : Melbourne (Australia)
Mint Mark : M
Years Minted : 1872–1931
M above Date : Saint George (Reverse)

M below Potrait (Obverse)

Mint : Perth (Australia)

Mint Mark : P

Years Minted : 1899–1931

Mint : Ottawa (Canada)
Mint Mark : C
Years Minted : 1908–1919

Mint : Bombay (India)
Mint Mark : I
Years Minted : 1918 only

Mint : Pretoria (South Africa)

Mint Mark : SA

Years Minted : 1923–1932

Where to Find Mintmarks

The mintmarks are to be found on the ground above the centre of the date for the Jubilee, Old Head, Edward VII and George V sovereigns. In the case of the St George reverse, the date appears on the reverse with the mintmark on the obverse, just below the portrait. With the Shield reverse the date appears below Victoria's portrait on the obverse and the mintmark on the reverse.


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